Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Official Notice from Lake Lighthouse Inn Regarding COVID-19

We at the Lake Lighthouse Inn have been monitoring the various actions by both government and non-government entities regarding the worldwide outbreak of CoronaVirus (COVID-19).

While a number of local events and fishing tournaments have been cancelled that have significantly impacted our business and community, we have made the following decision:

The Lake Lighthouse Inn will remain open.  Period.

We have always taken seriously the safety and health of our guests, whether it be from the risks of “normal” flu, H1N1, the common cold, or the myriad of other airborne and fomite-based infections.  This is why we are so obsessive about ensuring that we always offer the Cleanest Rooms at the Lake.  This isn’t just a slogan.  It is the truth.

As part of our normal day-to-day protocols, each room is disinfected twice.  Disinfectant spray is used during the cleaning process after a guest checks out, and is used again on the day a guest is scheduled to check in.  The only adjustment we have made is an increase in the amount of spray we use.

All of our linens are removed when a guest checks out, and fresh linens are brought in every time we prepare a room.  Also, we discontinued the use of bedspreads four years ago, since we know that most hotels only launder those periodically.  Since 2016, we have instituted the practice of “triple sheeting” to make beds, a newer industry standard, which means all of the sheets are replaced after every guest checks out.

While other hotels and businesses are scrambling to reassess their cleaning protocols and implementing these kinds of procedures, we have been doing it all along. 

We don’t pretend that we are smarter than medical experts, or that we are “too good” to become a victim of the virus.  It can happen anywhere, to anyone (including in hospitals that are filled with professionals and experts trained against infectious diseases).  But we are confident in our cleaning processes and staff, and have the overriding belief that life goes on, and hiding from microscopic enemies is no way to live.

For those who agree, we are here for you.  For those who prefer to hunker down and stay out of the public for a few weeks, we absolutely understand, respect you and your decision as well, and look forward to seeing you on the other side of this unprecedented event.

-Morris & Coni Workman
Lake Lighthouse Inn
Osage Beach, MO

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